Smoke Alarm Program 

Garden Valley Fire Protection District in Coordination with The American Red Cross is offering a Free Smoke Alarm Program which provides all residents with approved Smoke Alarms and Free Installation.
Please call Fire Inspector Jenna Angus at Fire Station 51 at 530-333-1240 for more information or if you would like to sign up for this program. 

Smoke Alarms, also called Smoke Detectors, are required by California State Law (Health and Safety Code) in all homes and apartment units. Most older alarms are battery powered. Some alarms are powered by house current, while the newest alarms get their electricity from both house current and a battery back up. alarms, when properly installed, give an early audible warning needed to safely escape from fire. That's critical because 85% of all fire deaths occur in the home, and the majority occur at night when most people are sleeping. Last year, NFPA documented 3,420 home fire deaths.

 94% of U.S. homes had at least one smoke alarm as of 1997, according to NFPA, but as of 1998, 40% of the home fires reported to U.S. fire departments and 52% of home fire deaths still occurred in the small share of homes with no smoke alarms. 

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